[Koha] Request guidance regarding serial control

Suresh Kumar Tejomurtula tejoskumar at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 03:40:15 NZDT 2020

Dear all,

Need guidance / best practice to the below issue:-
I'm using serial control module in Koha. In our organization we have
subscriptions to multilingual periodicals with the same title eg: India
Today which is being published in Hindi and English.

I have created entries for the title with all the respective fields with
language in the record entry. But I do not find a way to differentiate the
hindi / english titles while receiving them in koha serial module. It would
be nice to know how others are overcoming this issue apart from identifying
the title using ISSN. There may be some titles where some local
publications may not have ISSN number, but the same title gets published in
different languages.
What i'm doing to overcome this issue is adding language to the title field
like - India Today (Hindi).

Could you please suggest any other way to overcome it apart from adding
language in the title field.

Suresh Kumar

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