[Koha] Making a field into a drop down menu

John Fawcett john at voipsupport.it
Mon Oct 5 00:01:27 NZDT 2020


first of all let me say I'm completely new to Koha and am taking a look
at it potentially to use in a school library. So thanks to all the
people that have contributed to making the software what it is today.

It's been a bit of a learning curve. First off, I tried and abandoned
the idea of installing on my existing Centos 8 server and took the
easier path of using the packaged install on latest Ubuntu release on a
new dedicated server, following this link:


I did find an issue that stopped me installing mariadb due to
incompatible versions, but mysql installed without problems.

Needing to use Italian, I did run into some issues in the provided sql
which I had to tweak in order to get the install to correctly finish
without violating not null constraints (on the 307 record in the

So now I've got an up and running installation which I'm trying out, but
one thing which I cannot work out.

After adding a Unimarc record, I'm on the editor for adding items.
There's a field 995 r "Type of item and material" (or in my version
"Tipo della copia e materiale". This is a free input text field, not a
drop down menu limited to a list of predefined values.

In the Italian translation this field did not have any
"authorised_value" in the table marc_subfield_structure. I've modified
with the value itemtypes. However for some reason this does not seem to
make the field into a drop down menu in the staff GUI. So my  question
to more experienced users are: after changing the "authorised_value" do
I need to run a script or restart something in order to get the free
text field to change into a drop down menu?

Or is there a different way of doing that?

thanks for any help.


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