[Koha] Where are subtitles stored?

Randy Wright RWright at sbbg.org
Fri Oct 2 11:22:33 NZDT 2020

We migrated to Koha two years ago by importing MARC records from our old system. Recently I was asked to do a report which included both titles and subtitles. According to my mapping, this should be 245$a and 245$b mapped to biblio.title and biblio.subtitle, respectively. I find that there is nothing in any of the biblio.subtitle fields of the imported records. There is data in biblio.subtitle for the items we have added from within Koha after the import. I have checked the MARC records file we imported, and 245$a and 245$b are populated correctly. What puzzles me is that the OPAC shows the subtitles correctly for everything. Where would it be getting the data, if not from biblio.subtitle?

Randy Wright

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