[Koha] Koha 18.11, Debian GNU/Linux 9 and MariaDB 10.3

Victor Grousset/tuxayo victor at tuxayo.net
Fri Jul 31 15:36:56 NZST 2020


On 20-07-27 11:16, Michael Kuhn wrote:
> Our library uses Koha 18.11 and MariaDB 10.1 on Debian GNU/Linux 9. At
> the moment an update to Debian GNU/Linux 10 (including MariaDB 10.3) is
> not possible.
> Since MariaDB 10.1 reaches its end of life on 17 October 2020 the local
> IT division wants to update from MariaDB 10.1 to 10.3. Has someone done
> this already?

That's coming earlier that I though. Thanks for info.
So the question has been asked in the mailing list that seems to be
related to maintenance of MariaDB in Debian:

Let's hope for the answer.

> Will Koha 18.11 still work with Debian GNU/Linux 9, and if yes, how
> could the update be done?

You mean Debian 9 with MariaDB 10.3 right? Not upgrading to Debian 10.

I can tell you about MariaDB 10.3 that there is experimental support for
Koha 19.05.x
The test suite passes without issues and experimental support is
advertised since Dec 2019 (19.05.06) and it *seems* no bug have been

About Debian 10 I'm sure you will have to backport some patches. I
remember that in the last months there was quite some work to support
Debian 10. And that it didn't make it to 19.05
So Koha 18.11 on Debian 10 might quite the hassle.

I case you can't upgrade to a least 19.05.x, (only one version might be
less disruptive for the users) though a higher version would be better.
It seems doable to make your Koha 18.11 work with MariaDB 10.3. Given
that all the necessary patches should be in 19.05.x though I have not an
easy way to find them. ^^"
Other than having a test instance, getting the errors and searching in

But let's wait to get the confirmation that MariaDB 10.1 will still get
security updates.
Someone on IRC (#debian) told me yes so it seems to be the case.


Victor Grousset/tuxayo

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