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Harald Schaefer fechsaer at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 00:16:56 NZST 2020

Hi Frances,

as Library Admin you can define own record matching rules. In the import 
you can select these new rules for matching.


My scenario some time ago was:
I had an export of the KOHA library including the $999 index.
I created a new import file for new books which uses the $999 index for 
items to match.
I did a batch import using a record matching rule on $999.
This matches just the records I want to match.

Greetings, Harald

Am 14.07.20 um 09:38 schrieb Frances Leahy:
> Hi,
> I'm hoping that somebody in the community might be able to help me with the following problem.
> We want to be able to download a batch of marc from one of our current suppliers, to replace 4000 Dawsonera e-book records (who have now gone into administration).  This would ordinarily be easy enough to do, as we would just import the new records and they would match the old records via isbn.  However, we have other e-books on Koha which we have purchased from other suppliers with the same isbns, and we wouldn't want to overwrite these, so was wondering how this could be done if at all?
> I wondered if there was a way we could maybe add some component of the url from the old Dawsonera records into the matching process, so that it was only these records that would become overwritten?
> If anybody knows how to do this or has any ideas, it would be much appreciated.
> Hoping that somebody out there knows how to resolve this.
> Best wishes
> Frances
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