[Koha] Wrong order wehen sorting public list by copyright year

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Mon Jul 13 01:14:45 NZST 2020

Hi Katrin

 > while the list result list for lists looks a lot like the catalog
 > search results, it's not working quite the same. Instead of using
 > Zebra, it's build with SQL. That means that the sorting does work
 > differently as well.

Koha is a grab bag - there are always new things inside that I didn't 
know about...

 > My guess would be it's using biblio.copyrightdate. I would check the
 > contents of the columns and your Koha-to-MARC mappings for it. In
 > 18.11 it's possible to map both 260$c and 264$c, but it's not done by
 > default.

In Koha menu "Administration > Koha-zu-MARC-Mapping" I have found only 
the following mapping:

Koha-Feld               Tag     Unterfeld  Bib

biblio.copyrightdate 	260 	c 	Erscheinungsjahr, Vertriebsjahr etc. 	

I have now added:

biblio.copyrightdate 	264 	c 	Datum der Herstellung, der 
Veröffentlichung, des Vertriebs oder des

But still the list shows the same wrong sort order...

Best wishes: Michael
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