[Koha] Marc File to sort in spanish

Bruce A. Metcalf library at figzu.com
Sun Aug 16 08:44:47 NZST 2020

On 8/12/20 9:44 AM, Luis Moises Rojas wrote:
> I am running Koha 19.11 on Ubuntu 18.04 and  Mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.31.
> After upgrade from version Koha 18 to 19 where are having problem to sort
> our catalog when trying to search a book, capital letter (  *É*  , *Á, etc)
> are not recognize.*
> *I think the problem was on these files: *sort-string-utf.chr and
> word-phrase-utf.chr , but now someone told me the error is on a MARC file.

You're not alone. My library has an international collection which means 
a lot of diacritical marks. I too need help getting this to sort in a 
more nearly alphabetical order.

Koha 19.11.08 installed from packages
Linux Debian 8.3.0
Zebra 2.0.59

/ Bruce /
Bruce A. Metcalf, FAS
Augustan Society Library

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