[Koha] Can't delete Partron after upgrade to 20.05

auldstampguy at gmail.com auldstampguy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 06:23:14 NZST 2020

Hi Everyone,
I recently upgraded my Ubuntu server to version 18.04 and at the same
time upgraded Koha to 20.05. After the upgrades I can't delete Patrons.
I have a number of test Patrons that I need to get rid of.

I'm getting the following message when I try to delete a Patron (after
confirming Yes that I do want to delete the Patron):

"Configuration not defined at /usr/share/perl5/Log/Log4perl/Config.pm
line 579. at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Patron.pm line 395"

I'm sure it is because I don't have Log4perl setup correctly but I
don't know how to do that.  This is what I get from the About screen:

"You are missing the <log4perl_conf> entry in your koha-conf.xml file.
Please add it, pointing to the log4perl.conf file for your Koha

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.


Tim Auld
Northern Philatelic Library

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