[Koha] Cache and languange change not working

Alvaro Cornejo cornejo.alvaro at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 02:31:44 NZST 2020


Folllowing some advise from   https://www.webpagetest.org/  and
https://lighthouse-dot-webdotdevsite.appspot.com/ for optimizing koha.

I´ve found small issues that I was able to fix locally and some, well,are
too complex fro my knowledge and guess require changes in koha code.
Note that lighthouse detected that jQuery at 3.4.1
two medium risk vulnerabilities.

The issue I'm trying to fix is regarding the cache. I had y servier with no
cache header so max-age was not setup.

I´addedd header cache max-age 3600 public to apache header and now after
two language changes I'm unable to change it again. If I clear my browser
cache, completely disable cache header or wait the 3600 seconds, I can
again change the language for two times.

How can I avoid browser to cache only language change part? I guess there
is a way to exclude from cache specific files.



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