[Koha] Taking patron images out of db into a directory

Mengu Yazicioglu mengu at devinim.com.tr
Sun Apr 12 08:47:09 NZST 2020

Thanks for everyone's comments.

We've developed this kind of feature first for 3.20 version with more 
than 1,600,000 users in the past.

Some of our new customers also wanted this feature for new versions and 
with your comments, we'll start to write it soon.

Thanks everyone !

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On 11.04.2020 03:56, Eric Bégin wrote:
> Mengu,
> We did something similar for one clients.  It's patrons pictures were 
> on an external server using the borrowernumber as filename (they have  
> a unified id for all of their services)
> So their is definitively use cases for such a feature.
> In our case, we just "hacked" the picture URL with their server URL.
> I think we should have a syspref for the patron pictures base URL, and 
> maybe the key to use as filename (cardnumber, borrowernumber or even 
> an patron attribute)
> Hope that help !
> Eric Bégin
> Solutions inLibro inc.
> Le 9 avr. 2020, à 10:42, Mengu Yazicioglu <mengu at devinim.com.tr 
> <mailto:mengu at devinim.com.tr>> a écrit:

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