[Koha] Taking patron images out of db into a directory

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 11 16:58:55 NZST 2020


I wrote:
> Mmmm... no.

Owen replied:
> This kind of comment is completely counterproductive to meaningful
> cooperation. Please be constructive without being dismissive.

If that had been all I wrote, then your comment would be valid in my mind.

However, you didn't include the rest of the comment which explained why no:
"People doing backups might forget to supplement
the default Koha backup with that specific directory, and come a
system failure and a restore later... they discover the photos are
no more."

I also said:
"Putting the files in another collection that gets backed up differently
would be okay."

So... over all, I do not think I was dismissive, and apologize if people 
read it that way.

I was sharing worries, because I believe someone (probably me and others), 
somewhere, somehow will forget to configure something, and then something 
bad will happen, because they forgot or didn't realize. After all, the 
original poster did ask, "What is your idea?" which I took to mean, "What do 
you think?" Sharing worries and gut reactions are valid answers to the 
question, though as Owen noted not useful for trying to find a good 

+1 to Tomas' comment about command line utilities to keep sync.

Katrin wrote:
> Afaik we already have an option to include index files and uploaded
> files in the backups - I think it should not be hard to add another
> option.

If we do, that's great. If not, we have a functionality gap to solve.

Additionally, system level things are usually beyond the access of 
librarians and only IT.

Katrin addressed my concern:
> We could make the switch between database and directory storage a syspref 
> maybe.

+1 to this idea.

Hope this clarifies.

Mark Tompsett 

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