[Koha] Question about values for create_surperlibrian.pl

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Thu Nov 28 21:38:24 NZDT 2019

Hello Christos,

After you installed Koha via the debian packages you should see the
webinstaller. At the end of the install process there is a tool that
will guide you through different steps to create a library, a patron's
category, and a superlibrarian user.
If you have not done the installation it does not make sense to create an user.

branchcode is one value from branches.branchcode, categorycode from


Le jeu. 28 nov. 2019 à 00:33, Christos Hayward
<christos.hayward at gmail.com> a écrit :
> For a new installation, does the following make sense?
> create_superlibrarian.pl --userid ________ --password ________ --branchcode
> main --categorycode main --cardnumber 1
> If some or all of the --branchcode, --categorycode, or --cardnumber values
> are not what a beginner wants, what should I be supplying?
> (Or how can I found out what I should be supplying?)
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> Christos Hayward
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