[Koha] Fully enabling the installation

Christos Hayward christos.hayward at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 09:23:32 NZDT 2019

Hello! I am an author with website at cjshayward.com and trying to ship off
a laptop to a dear monastery with a working Koha 19.05 installation under
Linux Mint 19.2. A particular peculiarity is that is as a workaround to a
non-functioning 'B' key, I have set a hostname and instance name of
"holy-reading" instead of the usual "library".

I have installed, from the 19.05 release wiki, up to the point where it
says to log in via Lynx. That gets an Ubuntu "It worked!" page; when I use
a standard browser to pull up holy-reading.holycross.org, it redirects to

*System Maintenance*

The Koha online catalog is offline for system maintenance. We'll be back
soon! If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator

One way I may have misconfirgured it is by failing to specify decent
hostnames between administrative and enduser use.

If that is believably the problem, how should I edit things so that the
enduser and administrative interfaces are on separate hostnames?


Christos Hayward

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