[Koha] search result list is void of information

giuseppe giuseppe.ciaccio at unige.it
Tue Feb 19 01:07:58 NZDT 2019

Hello all,

I've replaced an old Koha 17.11 by a fresh install of Koha 18.11.  After
install, as superlibrarian I successfully populated the DB with sample
records including a couple of items, for test purposes.


Afterwards, as normal user I tried a search for a keyword matching more than
one record, and thus I got a list of search results.


The list is correct, but, as you can see, each entry is void of textual
information -- no title/author/etc. .  If I click on the "image preview" of
one single entry (not visible in the screenshot) I get access to the full
info of that entry, which shows correct.  But the search results void of
textual information is uninformative for a user.  This misbehaviour was not
present in Koha 17.11.  Is this just a matter of misconfiguration?  What
should I do to restore the original behaviour?

Thank you.

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