[Koha] Problems with Search Results after server move

Hauke Altmann hauke at haukepauke.de
Fri Feb 15 05:22:04 NZDT 2019

Hey there,

I am new to Koha and just took over the server administration job from
someone else for a library in Leipzig. We wanted to move our koha
library from one server to another. Things were working pretty
straightforward at first, but now I'm stucked with a strange problem:

The search view (opac-search.pl) on the new server does show the
expected amount of entries for a search term, including cover images.
But all other information is missing (title, author, etc.). When
clicking on an entry the normal view is also missing these information
while the MARC-View seems to be complete.

I used koha-dump and koha restore for getting the data from the old
system and putting it to the new one. I also ran "koha-rebuild-zebra"
with different argument combinations without any changes to the problem.
Koha Versions on Source- and Target-Server are the same (Koha 18.1102000).

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

I would appreciate any help.



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