[Koha] How to receive reports to email

SATISH lis4satish at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 20:00:59 NZDT 2019


I am not referring to check-out and check-in messages through email for a
single or multiple transactions of a particular user.
We are getting email notifications to check-in/check-out/reminders/ etc.

I need to keep print copy of daily transactions (cumulative) report for
check-out & check-in transactions that is from library
opening hours to closing hours every day. Currently I am running sql for
date range for check-in & check-out.

Instead of running check-out or desired report using sql and saving to  csv
or some other format has to be performed manually.

But, I am looking for using same sql report automatically through an email
on every day basis.
So that, I could easily get the print done from single mail without running
sql manually and also I could assign printing and filing job to
other library staff in the library who do not have access to Koha but
access to Library Email.

Therefore, I am looking for  email communication on  complete transactions
(cumulative) report   for check-out or check-in in a single mail on daily

With regards
Govt. Engineering College, Hassan.

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