[Koha] Koha importing biblio with items error

Mark Alexander marka at pobox.com
Thu Feb 14 00:49:20 NZDT 2019

Excerpts from Dorothy Chong's message of 2019-02-12 20:14:48 +0800:
> Our library is hoping to transfer into Koha but has so far had issues with staging the records with items. Without the 952 field it works fine, and it also worked fine when it was just 952$a, $b, and $y. Whenever I try to stage the file it just comes back with “fail to submit form: error”. What is the problem with my MARC please?
> [...]
> =952  \\$a[library name]$b[library name]$o001.94 WIL$p000006$yBook

I've run into import problems when either the library name or the
item type was invalid.

Make sure that "Book" is valid by visiting More / Administration /
Basic Parameters / Item types.  It should be one of the values in the
"Code" column.

Similarly, make sure that your library name is correct by visiting
More / Administration / Basic Parameters / Libraries.  The library
name should be one of values in the "Code" column.

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