[Koha] Koha Duplicating Items

Myriam Torres myriam.torres at meu.edu.lb
Tue Feb 12 22:22:18 NZDT 2019


I want to import my newly created marc file into Koha. Everything is
imported successfully in the Koha empty database,  and it  is creating a
single record. The problem is that instead of creating a single item with
all the information it creates many items with different information. This
is my mrc file:

=LDR  00830nam a2200349Ia 45e0
=005  $020190131144117
=008  $0051202s\\\\\\\\xxu\\\\\\\\\\\001|0|eng\d
=008  190212s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=020  \\$a1558602976
=040  \\$aDLC
=040  \\$beng
=040  \\$cDLC
=040  \\$dDLC
=082  \\$a005.265
=100  \\$aFarquhar, Erin.
=245  \4$aThe MIPS programmer's handbook
=245  \0$cErin Farquhar and Philip Bunce
=260  \\$aSan Francisco, Calif.
=260  \\$bMorgan Kaufmann Publishers
=260  \\$c1994
=300  \\$aviii, 408 p.
=300  \\$bill.
=300  \\$c24 cm.
=500  \\$aIncludes index.
=650  \\$aEmbedded computer systems --Programming.
=942  \\$2ddc
=942  \\$cBK
=952  \\$aAKL
=952  \\$bAKL
=952  \\$o005.265
=952  \\$p0014915
=952  \\$yBK

this are the MARC staging results :
Processing bibliographic records
1 records in file
0 records not staged because of MARC error
1 records staged
Did not check for matches with existing records in catalog
*5 item records found and staged*

Do you have any idea what i am doing wrong or why this is happening?

Thank you


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