[Koha] Fw: Koha Staff and opac doesn't load after starting k

Indranil Baruah indranil1218 at yahoo.in
Mon Dec 24 15:15:06 NZDT 2018

I have checked everything. Koha instance, plack, apache, everything are running. All necessary ports are active.  But still are no staff or opac page. I am really confused why !
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> Plack is running. Still no staff of opac. 

(I'm replying to the list, so people can see the full conversation.)

I wonder if Apache is running, is listening on port 80, etc.

I've attached a Perl script you can run to detect which Koha instances 
are running; it runs netstat to see which ports Apache is listening on, 
then looks at all your Koha config files to find the corresponding Koha 

If you're comfortable running the script -- preferably as root -- send 
us the output.  Otherwise, the output of the following commands might 
prove helpful:

koha-list --enabled

netstat -nlpt | fgrep :80


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