[Koha] Branches limitations for locations

BOUIS Sonia sonia.bouis at univ-lyon3.fr
Wed Dec 19 06:35:53 NZDT 2018

It is possible in Koha to limit the locations to specific branches. This limitation is active when adding items and in item search.
Currently, this limitation is linked to the branch where you are logged. But this behavior doesn't fit with our organization because with have a centralized service to add items for all branches.
I wonder if we could change this behavior to limit the location to the branch selected in the home branch or the holding branch (I presume the holding branch is more logical?)
Actually, I don't think it would be a big change for people that already use this functionality because, if I am not mistaken, when you add a new item, you're by default on the branch where you are logged.
For item search, it could be disturbing to be able to choose any branches for home branch or holding branch, but only the location from the branch where you are logged. We could perhaps change to limit the location the branch that are selected in the search form?

Any opinion?


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