[Koha] Circulation timestamps

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Fri Dec 14 01:15:29 NZDT 2018

Hi Hugh,

we have seen some weird behavior with the timestamps and self checks 
too. I agree that it should be the same date and time in both tables, 
but I think we might want the time of the self check, not the server 
time. I think using the time and date the self check transmits via SIP2 
could be a feature. It could be needed for things like offline 
circulation to work correctly where the transactions are sent to Koha at 
a later point in time after the connection has been lost.

Some SIP2 experts might have better insight.


On 13.12.18 12:26, David Hughes wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure if this a bug, or merely an observation, but I think it's
> worth noting.
> A colleague drew my attention to a reader who, according to the circulation
> history tab on their patron record, returned 5 books at one of our
> self-service stations at 2am this morning.  The problem being we close at
> 10pm.  Nobody thinks the reader broke into the library specifically to
> return overdue books.  The more mundane solution was that somehow, the
> clock on the self-service station PC was set 12 hours fast.
> Looking at the circulation log, the books were returned at 2pm yesterday.
> Querying the statistics table for the reader's borrower number also comes
> up with books being returned yesterday at 2pm.  Doing the same for the
> old_issues table comes up the books being returned at 2am this morning.  So
> it's possible for the statistics and old_issues tables to show different
> return dates on books; statistics datetime seems to come from the Koha
> server, but old_issues returndate seems to come from the date/time on the
> local machine.
> The reader's books were overdue, but we have a one day grace period before
> fines are incurred - these fines come from the books being returned today
> at 2am after being due on the 11th - so fine information seems to come from
> the return date on the local machine.
> I am a humble librarian who may be completely wrong about this, but
> shouldn't the return date on both tables come from the same place and fines
> be generated from the server time, not the local machine?
> Kind regards,
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