[Koha] koha 17.05.04 problems

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Mon Oct 30 12:26:26 NZDT 2017

Hi Erlanda

 > We had installed Koha 17.05.04, but  the system don't allow me to
 > ADD New Category, new Item types, New PATRON Categories  & so on.

I don't know if this of any help for you, but I recently updated a 
database from Koha 17.05.01 to 17.05.04. There is no problem adding new 
item types or new patron categories in this database.

Can you go into the Koha menu "Administration" however?

Maybe you tried adding new categories, item types, patron categories 
being a user that doesn't have the "parameters_remaining_permissions"? 
For example by using a user that doesn't have the "superlibrarian" 

Best wishes: Michael
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