[Koha] Reconfiguring the Intranet from 8080 to a real domain.

Matthew Charlesworth, S.J. matthew.charlesworth at hekima.ac.ke
Thu Oct 19 09:11:01 NZDT 2017


I'd like to ask for some help. I have successfully created a Letsencrypt
certificate for the OPAC side of my Koha domain opac.domain.com

What I would like to do, is instead of having a non-https
http://opac.domain.com:8080/ site for the Librarian Interface, I would like
to have a Letsencrypt certificate for the https://intranet.domain.com/

Is that possible? To secure with https both the front-end and the back-end
of Koha? (since I think port 8080, precludes the use of 443 for https?)

Could someone share their Apache or koha-sites.conf configuration as to how
that would work? I understand how to generate the Letsencrypt certificate -
but it's just getting the domain pointed to what was 8080 but making it now
80 (step 1), and then forcing a redirect to 443 for the https...

Presumably - and perhaps this is my mistake - the domain registration of
opac.domain.com and intranet.domain.com (and I know they have to be 'real
domains') has to be pointing to the same IP?


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