[Koha] GBSD now! Global Bug Squashing Day is here!

Nick Clemens nick at bywatersolutions.com
Wed Oct 11 12:43:46 NZDT 2017

Huzzah and hooray! The day you have been waiting for is here,
time to get out there and squash some bugs!

Checkout the guide to getting involved:

Checkout the dashboard here:

Checkout the developer handbook:

Remember, sign-offs and qa aren't the only way you can contribute:

You can add to an 'In discussion' bug and move it back into the actions

You can contribute to the manual here (try the easy path first):

You can submit a cookie recipe (hint: cookies make great bribes):

Or just browse around the wiki and tidy up the things you find to help out

Come find anyone in IRC and ask us your questions, ask us for help, and
squash those bugs!

-Nick (kidclamp)


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