[Koha] OPAC open in new window

schnydszch eugenegf at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 19:15:14 NZDT 2017

Hi! What exactly is happening when you click the Open in new window? Is it
"The site can't be reached"?
 There could be a misconfiguration in the OPACBaseURL which you can edit in
System Preferences > OPAC > OPACBaseURL. Please try to edit your base URL to
the URL of your Koha installation, e.g. http://catalog.bywatersolutions.com,
just what it is noted in the system preference: This should be a complete
URL, starting with http:// or https://. Do not include a trailing slash in
the URL. (This must be filled in correctly for RSS, unAPI, and search
plugins to work.). If the Koha ILS installation is only available locally
within you network, you can get the assigned IP address for the server where
Koha ILS is installed, e.g. HTH!

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