[Koha] No patron categories in Munich

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Fri Sep 30 07:03:31 NZDT 2016

Hi Frans

> I am writing from Munich (Germany) and joined the list yesterday
 > in view of the task ahead - creating a new catalogue for our
 > institute library. I have little experience and need all the help
 > I can get. Luckily I am not alone in the endeavour: our IT team
 > have set up the Linux server and I will be able to involve
 > professional help when migrating our old Allegro-C records into Koha.
> Still, some things I would like to do myself but progress instantly
 > fell flat because I could not define patron categories in Koha
 > version I noticed that I am not alone in this
 > predicament (Bugzilla Bug 17069), and read that a solution may be
 > forthcoming after November. I wonder what I should do now. Should I
 > just proceed as the database administrative user, or will that
 > limit what I can do with the programme? Or is there a fix? Benjamin
 > Rokseth proposed one (Bugzilla Bug 17069 Comment 1) but I am unable
 > to replicate this. Did I miss any other easy solution?

First, welcome to Koha!

On http://www.koha-de.org/wiki/Koha/Demo-Installationen I looked for a 
Koha demo installation running 16.05.03 - the one by Turo Technology is 
currently down, but I found one running 16.05.04 by Orex:

http://intra1.orex.es/ (user name and password are both "admin")

I was able to create a new patron category there without experiencing 
any problems.

What are you exactly doing when you're trying to create one? What 
exactly does happen when it fails?

Best wishes, Michael
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