[Koha] Not able to change framework when editting biblio record

Pedro Amorim pjamorim91 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 06:13:08 NZDT 2016

Dear all,

I just recently updated our Koha from 3.22 to 16.05 and now we cannot
change from whatever framework the record is (editting or creating new one,
same behaviour).

The following javascript errors are thrown in the console:
1) Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =       jquery.fixFloat.js:6
2) TypeError: $(...).fixFloat is not a function

The 1) error is the one causing the problem since 2) is only happening
cause of 1).
This is a syntax error happening in the js file and this behaviour can be
reproduced in the Tamil online public demo (tamil/tamil):


Try to change the framework, nothing happens. And the errors in the console
are the same as described above and happening in our instance.

I rolled the file back to commit 262 as seen at:

And now everything is working fine.

Why is this happening though? Any thoughts?

Thank you,

Pedro Amorim

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