[Koha] sql Query solved!

Martin House martin.house at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 08:28:40 NZDT 2016

I posted a question that I think has not been posted to the list yet, as it
is awaiting moderator approval. That said, in case it is posted, I wanted
to share my solution.

Question: How to list all students and their matching teachers?
Problem: Table(borrowers) has patron info, Table(borrower_attribute) has
teacher name and column code "Teacher."

I solved the problem by using mysqlWorkbench and running the following sql

FROM `koha_library`.`borrower_attributes`, `koha_library`.`borrowers`
WHERE `borrowers`.`borrowernumber`= `borrower_attributes`.`borrowernumber`

Martin House
martin.house at gmail.com
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