[Koha] Koha::Contrib::Tamil

tommaso spazzali spazzali at magritte.it
Fri Sep 16 01:05:54 NZST 2016

Hello everybody,

i'm trying to use koha-auth from Koha::Contrib::Tamil package but
something goes wrong.

I'm using Koha ver 16.5.3 on Ubuntu 14 and installed Tamil package with:

sudo apt-get install libkoha-contrib-tamil-perl

I had some problem with koha-auth. The file RecordReader.pm makes a call
to a subroutine called KOHAVERSION in C4::Context that is missing.

The easiest workaround was to substitute the hardcoded version in place
of the call C4::Context::KOHAVERSION.

Then at the third step :

koha-auth link_biblio_to --doit

I only get a lot of errors like this:

ERROR: ZOOM ZOOM error 239 "Record syntax not supported" (addinfo:
"1.2.840.10003.5.10") from diag-set 'Bib-1'

and no link.

has anybody some ideas?

thanks always


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