[Koha] Koha Server going down occasionally

Radek Šiman radek.siman at centrum.cz
Mon Sep 5 10:29:09 NZST 2016


I encountered the same problem few weeks ago. The server went down 
repeatedly at 7:37 or so (as yours). This lead me to a problem with 
scheduling of processes. After some inspection I realized that the 
problem is caused by anacron. Do you use it, right? Try to replace it 
with traditional cron. After I made this change we run smoothly and 
plack is happy all the time.

1) open /etc/cron.d/anacron and add a # to turn off the line starting 
with 30 7 * * *  ....anacron...
2) mv /usr/sbin/anacron /usr/sbin/anacron-temporarily-renamed

Finally, system will simply call all the processes specified in 
/etc/crontab using run-parts, because "test -x /usr/sbin/anacron" will 
never find /usr/sbin/anacron. Problem solved.

Radek Šiman

Dne 04.09.16 v 22:52 Dalton Fury napsal(a):
> I have made some progress thanks to rangi. So for some unknown reason,
> plack and zebra went down sunday morning. The 503 was caused due to plack
> going down.
> Koha seem to be running fine after I restarted zebra and started plack.
> Here are the logs for the crash:
> 1) zebra-error.log: 20160904 07:37:06 nitc-koha-zebra: client (pid 19241)
> killed by signal 15, stopping
> 2) plack-error.log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23134235/
> Dalton
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