[Koha] Setting up a koha mirror with read only access to the koha database

Dalton Fury daltonfury42 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 01:37:47 NZST 2016


I would like to setup a second Koha server on a separate machine M, with
read-only access to the koha database on our main machine K. (and update
permission to the table zebraqueue)

So what I did was to create the user mentioned in the file outputted by
koha-create --request-db on the database on machine K. Then I edited the
koha-conf.xml to use the same database as the one Koha on machine S is

Everything including zebra-indexing on machine M ran fine, but the only
issue I am facing is that opac logins logs out automatically very quickly.

What could be the reason behind this?


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