[Koha] Current location not showing in OPAC

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Thu Sep 1 05:47:42 NZST 2016

Hi Amy

> We just upgraded to Koha It looks good except, funny thing,
> the "current location" does not show in any of the OPAC records.  I thought
> it did before... but honestly, maybe I just never noticed?  We only have
> one location.
> Is this a cause for concern?  I did run rebuild zebra.

I run a demo installation of Koha 16.05.0 under 
http://koha.adminkuhn.ch:8000/ and I cannot see the content of "current 
location" either (but it can be seen in the staff client). I also think 
it was there before.

I know of two demo installations running Koha 3.22:

* https://demo.calyx.net.au/
* https://kopac.tamil.fr/

Wen searching for "house" resp. "maison" both of these OPACs do show the 
current loaction.

So it actually seems to be a problem not only in your OPAC.

Best wishes: Michael
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