[Koha] Thai Language Support in Zebra Search Index

Alex Shepherd kiwi64ajs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 18:35:16 NZDT 2016


I’m in the process of transforming and importing bibliographic records from a UNICODE eLM system into Koha.

The eLM system has a mixture of English and Thai language titles (and maybe a few other non english UNICODE titles as well).

I’m making pretty good progress with the import in that I can search for titles by key words or barcode etc and it is finding them but I’m not sure about the searching for Thai language titles as I don’t know or speak Thai.

I see references to modifying the zebra search index configuration here:



but when I try to follow these examples I get an error:

	sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f bbs
	Warning: You passed -x which is already the default and is now deprecated
	07:32:41-30/10 zebraidx(27438) [warn] default.idx:14: Could not load icuchain config 'words-icu.xml'
	07:32:41-30/10 zebraidx(27438) [warn] default.idx:23: Could not load icuchain config 'words-icu.xml'
	07:32:41-30/10 zebraidx(27438) [fatal] zebra_begin_trans: cannot open register

I’ve doubled check the file names in default.idx and they look ok to me.

I wonder if anyone else has any experience with tuning the search indexes for the Thai language that may be able to help


Alex Shepherd

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