[Koha] koha on Redhat

Tobias Carlsson tobias.carlsson at bitlabbet.se
Mon Oct 31 00:14:26 NZDT 2016

CentOS is a free version (build) of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Programs 
and application that works on CentOS will also work on RHEL, as they are 
100% compatible.

Also found this on the Koha Wiki: 
Hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Tobias Carlsson
Systems Librarian at Gislaveds bibliotek, Sweden.

Den 2016-10-28 kl. 20:08, skrev divya batra:
> Hi All,I want to know about using koha on Redhat linux as we have servers with Redhat linux. I want to know if koha will properly function on it. I have little knowledge about linux systems but koha installation is possible on Fedora and centos both of which are somehow related to Redhat.
> Thanks in Advance Divya
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