[Koha] Koha 16.05.02: need to refresh after 1)adding an item to a list, 2)deleting an authority, 3)uploading a cover

Andreas Roussos arouss1980 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 21:18:30 NZDT 2016

Dear All,

It used to be the case (in Koha 3.02.02 at least) that when adding a biblio
to a list in the Staff client, the item page would automatically refresh
after that action. That way you immediately got to see which list you've
just added the item to. After upgrading to Koha 16.05.02, this is no longer
working as it used to, i.e. after adding an item to a list the item page
remains static and one needs to do a manual refresh (tested with Firefox and

Another case where this is happening is when deleting an authority (that is
not used in any records) via the 'Actions' drop-down menu. As soon as you
click on the 'Delete' option, the page reloads but the deleted authority is
still listed. You have to do a manual refresh for it to completely disappear.

Finally, when uploading an image for a biblio, once an image has been uploaded
and you click on the 'View final record' link the resulting page does not show
the uploaded image and you have to manually refresh it for the cover image
to show.

Can anyone suggest any guidance?
Should we file a bug/enhancement request for this?

Kind regards,
Andreas Roussos
Systems Administrator
Holy Monastery of the Paraclete

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