[Koha] Managerial Interface for Self-Registered patrons

Indranil Das Gupta indradg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 23:01:17 NZDT 2016

Hello Ahsan bhai,

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Md. Mubassir Ahsan
<mubassir at daffodilvarsity.edu.bd> wrote:
> Respected All,
> Is there any managerial interface available for self registered patrons?

No, there is nothing specifically separate for that purpose. As you
must already have seen in the last part of
http://manual.koha-community.org/16.05/en/selfregistration.html that
you have to manually process and provide these users with a cardnumber
and if you have followed the recommendations there, then you may have
to manually change their patron category to a regular one so that they
can come into regular circulation regime.

> The concept is when a user registered via OPAC, we need to check them and
> activate their account after verification. This managerial interface could
> provide those facilities. As I think
>    -  List of Registered
>    - Activation status
>    - Email verification status
>    - Patron Category change options
>    - Button to activate them after email verification (Activate button will
>    be enabled after verification only)
> Is that possible to make such interface? Please reply, it is kind of urgent
> to me.

Of course it is possible, a Koha plugin would be the easiest way to
achieve this. You can file a bug on the Koha bugzilla and hope that
this an enhancement that someone else too wants and is willing to
develop it. Otherwise the options with you would be (a) to write it
yourself, (b) find a developer who can write it for you or (c) sponsor
the development of the plugin.

hope this helps,

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