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Tajoli Zeno z.tajoli at cineca.it
Tue Oct 11 02:28:56 NZDT 2016

Hi Fatone and all,

Il 10/10/2016 14:45, Fatone ha scritto:
> The link which you attached is for Arabic, not Dzongkha.
> If I correct "words-icu.xml" from <icu_chain locale="ar"> to <icu_chain
> locale="dz">,
> will searching enable?

in fact this change is the first thing to do.
I suggest you to read also 

It is more clear if know latin alphabet better than arabic.
In fact the icu_chain could be:

<icu_chain locale="dz">
    <transliterate rule="\'>\ "/>
    <transliterate rule="[:Number:] { '-' >  "/>
    <transform rule="[:Control:] Any-Remove"/>
    <tokenize rule="l"/>
    <transform rule="[[:WhiteSpace:][:Punctuation:]] Remove"/>
    <transform rule="NFD"/>
    <transform rule="[:Nonspacing Mark:] Remove"/>
    <transform rule="NFC"/>
    <casemap rule="l"/>

This a basic for all languges, read ICU site to understand better the 
options availabe. You can start for here: 

In fact Zebra (the indexing system of Koha) uses ICU quite directly.
You can do same test with yaz-icu: 

Zeno Tajoli

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