[Koha] Package upgrade to 3.22.11

Bortel, Gary gary.bortel at sos.wa.gov
Fri Oct 7 03:22:03 NZDT 2016

Restarting memcached (...and apache2, just because...) brought up Koha 3.22.11 as right as rain! Thanks, all...


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That's odd, I never see the web installer, on any of the sites we host, after a package upgrade. Unless something has gone wrong or there was a cache issue.

koha-upgrade-schema runs as part of the package upgrade and brings the db to the current version. You should only see the installer if the version number in the db is lower than the one in the code.


On 6 October 2016 5:09:59 AM NZDT, Dalton Fury <daltonfury42 at gmail.com> wrote:
>I have been using Koha for the last couple of months. Every time I 
>upgrade, the web installer does appear, but it does nothing. It simply 
>says everything is ok and directs me to the normal login page.
>On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 9:07 PM, Chris Cormack <chrisc at catalyst.net.nz>
>> On 6 October 2016 4:32:25 AM NZDT, Barton Chittenden < 
>> barton at bywatersolutions.com> wrote:
>> >On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 10:28 AM, Bortel, Gary
><gary.bortel at sos.wa.gov>
>> >wrote:
>> >
>> >> Running a multi-tennant installation of Koha 3.22.10 on Ubuntu
>> >14.04.5...
>> >>
>> >> I came in this morning to upgrade our package installation of
>> >-->
>> >> 3.22.11. Everything seemed to go okay, but when I tried to log on
>> >Koha,
>> >> I was directed to the installer interface. What did I miss?
>> >>
>> >
>> >You probably didn't miss anything -- you will see the installer
>> >if
>> >the database needs to be updated.
>> >
>> However you should never see this when upgrading using packages, it 
>> upgrades the database as part of it.
>> Do you use memcached? If so try restarting it to flush the cache.
>> Chris
>> >I would back up your database using
>> >
>> >sudo koha-dump <instance name>
>> >
>> >in a terminal ... just to be on the safe side.
>> >
>> >Then go ahead and click OK or Next on the installer screen (I can't 
>> >rmemember which). This will run the database upgrade, and should 
>> >forward you on to the Koha main page when done.
>> >
>> >--Barton

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