[Koha] Zebra/Plack/Timeout Issue

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Oct 5 07:34:52 NZDT 2016

Jonathan has covered the session timeouts, as for the restarting, you should only ever have to do the enable once.

Re the --start can you check if the time they are stopping is when logrotate is running? Or some other cron job


On 5 October 2016 6:31:31 AM NZDT, rfblanchard <rfblanchard at hotmail.com> wrote:
>I just started using plack yesterday and I ran the commands below to
>started. Everything was fine. The next morning I found that plack
>daemon was
>not running. I needed to rerun both: 
>> sudo koha-plack --enable <instancename> 
>> sudo koha-plack --start <instancename>
>Also, for a while now each morning I need to re-start zebra as it seems
>stop on a daily basis
>> sudo koha-start-zebra peischool
>Potentially related is that timeout preference is not respecting the
>from administration. I set it to both 7d and 604800. No matter what I
>I need to login again daily to koha administration site.
>Rebooting does not seem to be the cause of these problems. I just ran
>reboot' and the server came back with all apache/mysql and daemons were
>running before and after the reboot. Also it didn't cause my session to
>timeout, which is good.
>I'm Running Koha 16.05.02 and Debian 8.5
>Any Ideas to why the zebra and plack continue to need manual
>daily and why timeout is not respecting the value from administration? 
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