[Koha] Search target Z39.50 for copy cataloguing

Decka David ddavid at lib.unitech.ac.pg
Mon May 23 15:46:58 NZST 2016

I spend some time studying koha about its features, functionalities etc
which I really love it. Now I have setup and customized the koha library,
however I am trying to use the feature of search Z39.50 and assist in doing
copy cataloguing as a test. I have tried several times with the default
setup as well as creating new search targets in Koha 3.20 and I could not
reach the target server. 
Is there something I might missed out during installation? Do I need to
register my library to a free target server? Am I in a region not supported
by this feature? please could someone clarify.
Thank you for the advices.
Decka David
Papua New Guinea

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