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At 08:49 PM 5/3/2016 +0100, Peter Bradley wrote:
>Hi Fred,
>It's 20:45 here now so I'll try out some stuff and reply properly 
>tomorrow.  However I couldn't resist replying to this:
>"... and available in quite a few languages, including Welsh."
>Da iawn!  Gallai hynny fod yn ddefnyddiol iawn ar gyfer y llyfrgell sy gen 
>i mewn golwg.  Ond mi fasai'n well gen i ddefnyddio meddalwedd F/OSS os 
>dwi'n gallu.  Oes 'na gyfieithiad i'r Gymraeg ar gyfer Koha?  Bydd rhaid 
>imi edrych.  Dylwn i fod wedi gwneud eisoes a dweud y gwir.

Being Highland born and bred, ach tha sinn an comhnaidh a' coimhead airson 

Leis gach deagh dhurachd -- Paul

>So now you know that you managed to hit upon one of the probably very few 
>Welsh speakers on the list.
>Best regards
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>El 03/05/16 a las 19:45, King, Fred escribió:
>>Note: I think I got most of this right, but corrections from others on 
>>the list are welcome. I know a lot more about Koha than I did five years 
>>ago, but not everything.
>>Hi Peter,
>>Welcome to Koha! I hope you'll find it interesting. I'm running Koha in a 
>>small medical library (14,000 or so items including journals, monthly 
>>circulation in the high two figures). I have a test system running on an 
>>old computer, which sounds a lot like what you're looking for. It's part 
>>of our hospital intranet and inaccessible by the outside world.
>>Here's the relevant part of /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf
>>         ## Apache virtual hosts creation variables
>>         #
>>         # Please note that the URLs are built like this:
>>         # OPAC:  http://<OPACPREFIX><INSTANCE 
>>         # STAFF: http://<INTRAPREFIX><INSTANCE 
>>         DOMAIN=".myDNSname.org"
>>         INTRAPORT="8080"
>>         INTRAPREFIX=""
>>         INTRASUFFIX="-intra"
>>         OPACPORT="80"
>>         OPACPREFIX=""
>>         OPACSUFFIX="
>>I don't have access to our DNS files, so I left the DOMAIN at the 
>>default. The disadvantage of this is that you have to get to Koha by its 
>>IP address (Let's pretend it's Your router can probably 
>>assign static IP addresses.) instead of something easy (koha-test.org). 
>>The advantage is that you don't need to mess around configuring a domain 
>>name. I think you can do it by editing the HOSTS table on each computer 
>>on your network, but I've never gotten around to trying that.
>>INTRAPORT is what the config file calls the staff interface. I think you 
>>can give it a name like koha-test.org-intra (that's what INTRASUFFIX is), 
>>but that's another thing I haven't done yet. I found it a lot simpler 
>>just to assign it a port number (8080) and get there by going to 
>> Port 80 is the HTTP default port, so the 
>>OPACPORT goes there and all you have to type to get there is 
>>You also have to make sure the apache server is listening to both ports. 
>>This is what my /etc/apache2/ports.conf file looks like:
>>         # If you just change the port or add more ports here, you will 
>> likely also
>>         # have to change the VirtualHost statement in
>>         # /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf
>>         Listen 80
>>         Listen 8080
>>         <IfModule ssl_module>
>>                 Listen 443
>>         </IfModule>
>>         <IfModule mod_gnutls.c>
>>                 Listen 443
>>         </IfModule>
>>         # vim: syntax=apache ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 sr noet
>>You also have to change 000-default.conf, but my setup has three 
>>instances of Koha running on the same box and I don't remember how to 
>>change 000-default.conf in a normal system. If the list or Google can't 
>>help, I can poke around to see if I can figure it out. I think that if 
>>the default apache web page comes up instead of Koha, it's a problem with 
>>That being said, and as much as I hate to say it, Koha isn't for every 
>>library. Most of my colleagues on the medical librarians' list recommend 
>>LibraryThing for small libraries with limited technical and cataloging 
>>skills. It's free for the first 200 books, more for $10 per year or $25 
>>for life, and available in quite a few languages, including Welsh.
>>Fred King
>>Medical Librarian, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
>>fred.king at medstar.net
>>ORCID 0000-0001-5266-0279
>>Where’s the diastolic? Everybody ignores the poor little diastolic.
>>--[Attending Physician]
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>>Subject: [Koha] Introduction and questions about defaults configuration
>>I'm a retired librarian interested in some local community library projects.
>>To this end I'm interested in being able to suggest Free/OSS library
>>automation solutions to groups of people who may not normally think
>>about using IT solutions because they either consider them to be too
>>costly or too complicated.
>>So what I'm planning to do is to set up a demonstration system on a
>>redundant desktop box I've got kicking about the house.  This will be a
>>local system (i.e. will not have contact to the wider network) and so
>>far I've got as far as installing Debian and Koha (via the Debian
>>packages).  MySQL is also installed.
>>I do have a couple of questions, if I may.
>>Having got as far as I mention above, the documentation then talks about
>>configuring the defaults.  There appear to be two: DOMAIN and
>>INTRASUFFIX.  What would I set DOMAIN to, if I wanted other computers on
>>the local network to connect to Koha.  Presumably I could always use
>>'localhost' for connections from the server itself and the server's NAT
>>address (192.168.x.x) from other boxes, or have I misunderstood?  But a
>>nice domain name would be more impressive and less scary to the people I
>>have in mind, so how would I go about setting that?
>>And finally, what is INTRASUFFIX and what should I set it to?  It means
>>absolutely nothing to me.
>>Many thanks for any help.
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