[Koha] Subject links in detail record display

Andy Boze boze.1 at nd.edu
Fri Jun 17 07:07:32 NZST 2016

Hi, all. I have a question regarding subject links in detail records.

Subject links are treated differently in the detail display depending on 
whether OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay is set to "default" or left blank (no XSLT).

Using no XSLT, each subject subdivision is a separate link. You can see 
an example at 
. In that example record, you can see the subject "Vatican Council -- 
(2nd : -- 1962-1965 : -- Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano) -- Views on 
religious liberty."

If you hover your mouse cursor over "Vatican Council", the search URL is

Hovering your mouse cursor over each subsequent subdivision ands the 
subdivision to the URL, so that you also get the search URLs


and so on to


Using OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay=default, no matter which subdivision you 
hover your mouse cursor over, the entire subject is searched. You can 
see an example of this behavior at 
http://beckercat.wustl.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=92537 .

So here's the question: Is there a way to replicate the the behavior of 
the non-XSLT configuration, so that when OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay=default, 
I can still get the subjects broken into links for each subdivision?

BTW, I've tried using TraceSubjectSubdivisions=Include, but it's all or 
nothing. If there are multiple subject subdivisions, you can't choose 
the specific "depth" you want, you get all subdivisions included in the 

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