[Koha] Removing Boolean searching from OPAC.

Tajoli Zeno z.tajoli at cineca.it
Tue Jun 7 02:39:31 NZST 2016


Il 06/06/2016 16:06, Raymund Delahunty ha scritto:
> Has anyone edited server files to change the way OPAC searches work,
> to remove the default use of Boolean? We are on 3.20 and in the quick search box Boolean operators are recognised,
> and in the case of AND are assumed between individual words.

The real problem is the 'not' word.
If you try with "On knowing how artists think Elizabeth Fisher" you find 
1 record.

Using jquery, 
add title phrase to the simple search and tell to user
to use it if they want to use all title words.

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