[Koha] OT: Makerspaces and soldering

Chad Roseburg croseburg at ncrl.org
Sun Jun 5 15:29:30 NZST 2016

Please excuse the off-topic posting:

This is a question for libraries with Makerspaces and/or offering programs
involving soldering:

* Insurance and liability? What do you do?
* Do they fill out forms to participate?

The libraries I've seen that offer soldering report that, once told that
the iron is "very hot", "Do Not Touch" ...self-preservation and aversion to
pain kick in and virtually eliminate accidents. But I thought I'd ask
anyway. We are doing an Arduino project at the end of the month and I'm
debating whether or not to pull out the soldering kits or stick to

We can take this off-list so as not to clutter ...

Thank you! [ If you know of a better list for this please recommend ]

Chad Roseburg
Asst. Director / IT
Automation Dept.
North Central Regional Library

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