[Koha] Kohacon 2017

Mirko Tietgen mirko at abunchofthings.net
Sun Jun 5 04:55:45 NZST 2016

Hello everyone,

Kohacon 2016 is almost over. It was a fantastic event and I am sad to leave Thessaloniki and everyone here tomorrow.

We already have a wiki page for Kohacon 2017 bids, and I invite everyone to enter their proposals to host Kohacon next year.

My phone does not want to copy the link, so just do a search in the Koha wiki for kohacon17. 

Keep in mind that we have been in Europe this year, so we will pick a place on a different continent next year.

We have not set a deadline yet (I think), we should do so at one of the next IRC meetings.

Cheers from Thessaloniki,


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