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Mengu Yazicioglu mengu at devinim.com.tr
Tue Oct 13 19:56:12 NZDT 2015

That will be better Bob and I'd like to give some more information on 
that project.

Project went live on 2014 April. All public libraries were using another 
LIS before and it was distributed.
With that project, all libraries started to use a central Koha system 
located on Ankara, capital of Turkey.

It was a derived version of Koha 2.x (co called TG distribution) but we 
implemented many new modules on it.
Therefore we can say a quite derived version of Koha 2.x.  Because of 
distributed system data were very dirty,
there were hundreds of biblios of a single book. Hence we wrote two 
modules to handle them and we merged more than
4.000.000 biblios with the better one, automatically. There is a Catalog 
Center for public libraries now, and they also merge dirty biblios
with the better one. They also create original biblios. This will yield 
the biggest Turkish catalog center.

For the moment, we try to migrate to newest version 3.20.x and tests 
started on that. I think it will go live in 2-3 months.
We will also implement all modules to the new version that we originally 
developed (There are many, some are related with
local solutions).

Maybe, it will be nice to talk about infrastructure.
There is one Load balancer, 4 web servers, 4 clustered databases 
(MariaDB), 1 specific server for ID cards, barcodes, labels.
We do not only implement and serve to Koha project, we also manage those 
servers' databases, web servers, performance issues, etc.

I'd like to share some interested statistics, too.

More than 6.000.000 books circulated in 18 months, there is a record of 
more than 30.000 circulation for a single day.
In average, 2.000 borrowers are being added to system each day but we 
saw app. 4.500 new borrowers last Saturday.

Koha is everywhere in Turkey with that project, even in some small 
villages. Ministry of Culture has some trucks with books and
they travel around the Turkey and circulate books.

If you have any other question I will be happy to share.
I'm planning to join next Koha Conf, and if I would have a chance I want 
to share this project with all of you.


On 13-10-2015 01:36, Bob Birchall wrote:
> Changing the name of this interesting thread, so it can be found in 
> the archives. :)
> Bob
> On 13/10/15 01:13, Mengu Yazicioglu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It's in only one Koha installation for all public libraries, and 
>> we've done many implementations for
>> them, and hopefully we do not face with any problems. There are some 
>> small issues but we can handle
>> them.
>> koha.ekutuphane.gov.tr is public OPAC, but in Turkish unfortunately,
>> you may search some specific letter for example "a" for Tum 
>> Kutuphaneler and you'll see the speed.
>> Thanks.
>> Mengu
>> On 12-10-2015 13:10, Gaetan Boisson wrote:
>>> Oh wow... Those are really impressive figures!
>>> Is it just one huge Koha install, or does every single library has 
>>> its own Koha?
>>> If it is just one Koha, i guess you had to make specific patches? (I 
>>> imagine having hundreds of libraries defined in the branches could 
>>> be a problem at some places in the interface...)
>>> It's great to see Koha being put to such use anyway! Is there a 
>>> public opac we can see?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Le 11/10/2015 21:15, Mengu Yazicioglu a écrit :
>>>> I'd like to share that we serve more than 13.200.000 records 
>>>> (adding more than 20.000 items
>>>> per day) to 1.126 public libraries consoritum with 1.000.000 users 
>>>> (adding more than 2.000 new users everyday),
>>>> I think it is biggest Koha installation around the world,
>>>> We use Mariadb on clustered servers and we are very comfortable 
>>>> with the performance.
>>>> Of course, our technical staff trace the servers and databased 
>>>> everyday.
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