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Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se
Fri Jan 24 22:59:01 NZDT 2014

I guess a quick and dirty way of doing this _could_ be to check if the user is logged in and modify the CSS of the links to hide them if they are not logged in. You could look for ”Log in to you account:” inside the tag <legend> (CSSR theme 3.12) and any other value would mean that they are logged in and you can leave the links visible. If <legend> contains ”Log in to you account” then you toggle the visibility to display:none. It’s not a very clean solution as the links will still be there just not visible unless you log in. I guess you could ask someone comfortable with jQuery if to could code this for you. Coding is usually more work then you hope but I see this suggestion as a quick and dirty hack. Getting to the link (and only the link) might be the biggest issue but I guess you could do something like ”hide all links starting with http://ourprotectedstuff.com/”.

(Sorry to split the thread further but I don’t have the emails of the original thread saved)

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23 jan 2014 kl. 20:23 skrev Owen Leonard <oleonard at myacpl.org<mailto:oleonard at myacpl.org>>:

Is there any easy way to anly grant access to these files to registered
users in OPAC?

You asked this before, in another email to the list, and received a
couple of responses. The short answer is no, Koha doesn't do this.

In the future if you're unsatisfied with the response you get please
respond to the original thread and provide more information, ask
clarifying questions, or something else to further the conversation.

 -- Owen

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