[Koha] Searching on 099

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Wed Jan 15 08:02:31 NZDT 2014

Hello all,

I received this query from our librarian "In the archive database we use the 099 field for call numbers but the opac search option for call number doesn't seem to search this field.  Could we add it?  I can't find it in administration or the manual".  I dug around in the administration section and couldn't figure it out either.  In this database we don't use item records, only biblio records.  I am thinking that to make this happen I need to modify Zebra configuration file(s), but I am not sure.

Koha version installed on Debian Squeeze using packages.  Zebra version 2.0.47.


Doug Dearden
Director, IT
School for Advanced Research

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