[Koha] Zebra indexing problems

Tom Hanstra tom at nd.edu
Tue Jan 7 07:35:07 NZDT 2014

I'm seeing some rather odd indexing problems with incremental indexing 
and Koha 3.12.05.

I have everything set up with Zebra 2.0.56 and Yaz 5.0.9.  Full indexing 
works fine and incremental indexing logs the fact that changes are seen 
and should be applied.  And I've had incremental indexing work 
sometimes, but very seldom.  Most changes are simply not being found 
when I search in the OPAC.  Even after the data and incremental index 
changes, the old values are still being found rather than the new.

Has anyone seen such indexing problems before?  What can I be checking 
to track this problem down and address it?



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