[Koha] OPAC adding new page

Neethu Shaji nee2shaji at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 08:22:19 NZDT 2014

I want to add a link from opac main page to another opac page (with same
opac header, etc.)and display few links/content in main user block...like a
link for the ejournals in the library...
So I followed the instructions in this link:
But now when I click on that eJournals link from opac main page, it opens
another page with koha opac header, etc. but it displays an error in the
opac main user block ...
  An error has occurred Error 404

   - This error means that the link was broken and that the page doesn't
   - To report this error, you can email the Koha Administrator<root at localhost>
   - Use top menu bar to navigate to another part of Koha.

 What should I do to resolve this error?...

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